AGL Testing cycle for Icefish RC3

Edi Feschiyan

Hello everyone,
here are the testing results of Icefish 8.99.3:

Overall status: Audio is unstable; Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth, Radio are working.

Audio is playing fine until Bluetooth device connects. If Bluetooth audio that is being streamed plays fine until the device disconnects or switched to local file playback, audio playback stops working- I wrote about this behavior in my previous email about master branch testing.

For audio on Minnowboard I changed "hw:0,0" to "hw:0,3" in bluealsa-output-audio.endpoint-link and default-output-audio.endpoint-link in /etc/wireplumber/

On reboot m3ulcb did not show homescreen on a couple of reboots even though weston.service and homescreen*.serivce were running. This happened on 2 out of 8 reboots.

Best regards,

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