Re: qemu x86-64 AGL emulation in Virtual Box #help

Marius Vlad


Looking over the serial port, the machine itself is not stuck, you
eventually get a rescue shell. This seems quite close to

On qemu I've "fixed" it by changing the machine type to use q35. On
VBox, change Machine type to ICH9 (System tab -> Chipset), and the
controller of the hard-drive to AHCI (Storage Tab). Suggest use a
pristine image as probably the set-up part/installation wasn't

You should see homescreen up-and-running after that.

Someone might want to update the wiki page.

On 6/29/20 5:12 PM, leonid.lazarev via wrote:
Hello all,

I've tried to run emulation for the latest AGL, but faced with the issue.
I've taken AGL qemu x86-64 from master
<> (from
29.06.2020) , and created the virtual machine in VirtualBox (6.0.22) in
accordance to the instruction for master branch
Loading of AGL is started and the AGL boot Logo is displayed.
Unfortunately AGL homescreen doesn't appear - Boot logo is displayed
There is  same issue with build prepared on 22.06.2020.

Note, that build  from 10.06.2020 is loaded successfully, and looks like
something has been introduced between 10 and 22 June. 

Is it known issue with AGL emulation on qemux86-64 or?

Best Regards
Leonid Lazarev
Marius Vlad

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