GSoC Weekly Update: Week 3

Shankho Boron Ghosh

Comprehensive GSoC Weekly Update: Week 3

Summary :
- Successfully built master/raspberrypi4: meta-ros + agl-demo-platform.
- Successfully run master/raspberrypi4: meta-ros + agl-demo-platform.
- Successfully built master/x86: meta-ros + agl-image-weston.
- Successfully run master/x86: meta-ros + agl-image-weston.
- Successfully built master/raspberrypi4: meta-ros + agl-image-weston.
- Successfully run master/raspberrypi4: meta-ros + agl-image-weston.
- Primary branch of google-benchmark
( present in the meta-ros2 layer
( was renamed
from master to main which led to failing builds, corresponding
pull-request 858 ( was
requested and correspondingly merged into the meta-ros
( repository to rectify the issue.
- Kindly refer to for the
fully detailed update.

Shankho Boron Ghosh
Junior, Electronics & Communication Engineering
Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology
+91 9819674639

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