Re: Bluetooth phonecall is not working with pipewire

George Kiagiadakis

Hello Ehsan,

PipeWire's HSP/HFP bluetooth integration is currently tuned to transmit audio over the HCI channel and encode/decode the audio in software. The bluez_input and bluez_output nodes that you see in wpctl are basically portals to that functionality.

I have not previously worked with i2s bluetooth modules, but my understanding of them is that they provide a side-channel, in parallel to the HCI channel, where you can stream raw audio and it gets encoded/decoded in hardware. This side-channel is exposed via ALSA, so you can see individual nodes in wpctl for that.

I believe to make this work, WirePlumber needs to be instructed to link your speakers and microphone directly to the bluetooth alsa device instead of linking them to the bluez_input/bluez_output nodes, which are using the HCI channel.

Before making any changes to the code, you can try this manually. When you make a call and you see the streams that you have pasted below, use the pw-link tool to create links between:

* the bt i2c input node and "Communication Playback Endpoint"
* the "tlv320aic3106" (which must be the microphone input?) to the bt i2c output node

(and forget about bluez_input / bluez_output)

If this works, then all you need to do is to write a wireplumber lua script to integrate this logic into wireplumber.

Best regards,

On 05/07/2021 16:55, Ehsan Takalloo wrote:
Hello Everyone,
Hi Goerge,
I was testing pipewire and wireplumber with bluetooth and I played some music using pipewire and bluetooth successfully.
However, for testing phone calls, I faced some issues. Since my bt module has I2S, I have to use pipewire for receiving phonecall audio and play it. Also, it is required to stream Microphone output to bt I2S.
During phone call, phone call event was detected and "wpctl status" shows following streams:
113. bluez_input.XX_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX.headset-audio-gateway
        117. output_MONO     > Communication Playback Endpoint:playback_FR
114. bluez_output.XX_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX.headset-audio-gateway
        116. input_MONO      < tlv320aic3106:capture_1
But bluez_input/output.XX_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX.headset-audio-gateway are not connected to my bt chip. I added bt I2S as a sound card and its source and sink are visible in "wpctl status" sources and sinks. My question is, how to introduce bt I2S as hfpSound card and who is responsible for it (pipewire, wireplumber or ...)?
Best Regards

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