Collabora weekly progress w/e 11th July 2021

Nick Milner

Hi All,

Please find below a brief summary of the progress Collabora have made last week on Weston/Wayland and Pipewire.


- SPEC-3423 (Demo apps should fetch the protocol extension from the compositor) and the follow-up to that SPEC-4015 (Move protocol files to the -dev package)
- Opened SPEC-4009 to track 'WAM - Support multiple client surfaces for the client shell', in continuation of SPEC-3799 (Left icon bar overlapping launcher area). Had some basic interaction over the PR -- looking into SPEC-4000 ([WAM] Investigate API/methods of retrieval page status/load status)
- SPEC-4020 (Investigate tearing for the rpi4 platform) - Looking into repaint algorithm to dermine root cause of tearing.

IC Sound Manager

- Built and tested agl-lxc image
- Split wpipc to a new repository, renamed it to icipc and reduced its dependencies down to none for the client side and pipewire-only for the server side. This is to aid deployment of the client in the IC container, so that no other dependency layer needs to be pulled

Kind regards,


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