AGL testing for Lamprey M3 HTML5 build

Edi Feschiyan

Hello everyone,
you can find the results from the test run here:

All of the platforms are booting, including qemux86-64 on qemu and VirtualBox.
Known issues:
The chromium browser app is back. Doesn't seem to crash with multiple tabs, so even SPEC-3226 was marked as "won't fix", is actually fixed. Trying to open settings in it however makes it freeze. Youtube playback from it is actually pretty decent on h3ulcb-refhw/kf. Some hiccups on m3ulcb in the beginning, and a bit of audio popping on raspberrypi4(much rarely observed pops with local audio). Menus and config pages like "chrome://settings" for example have either broken font rendering or resource/translation files with texts are missing - text fields and labels are blank. Regular pages with media are fine and behavior is like a proper desktop browser with the exception of intel platforms which refuse to play most videos. I suspect it might be related to SPEC-4010 - I've seen this behavior on a completely regular desktop with broken pulseaudio for example. "wpctl status" shows that the mediaplayer app for example is in the clients list,  but  chromium does not register itself as a client on intel boards.
      1. Sometimes you can launch more than one app but most of the time only the first launched app works and the others either get a white screen or looks like touch input in the homescreen is ignored for that particular app, until a reboot is done. For example launching  mediaplayer is successful but unable to launch the mixer app to control volume afterwards.
        This however does not apply for the chromium browser as it can be launched/switched anytime.

      Settings still has the same interface update behavior - in order to open a submenu like wifi or bluetooth, you have to tap homescreen and go to settings again to see the new screen; if you want to go to settings - you have to tap the top-left back button and repeat the same procedure.
Mixer displays multiple channels but has the same behavior like settings - to see the reflected change you have to switch back and forth to homescreen.

HVAC has the same behavior like mixer and settings. input works better with a mouse. 
Interface updates seem to work better and reflect changes immediately in runqemu/Virtualbox.

It seems that there is an issue redrawing the interface after an action.

Running qemux86-64.vmdk in Virtualbox causes a small message flood every 10 seconds with about 200 messages for 2 seconds with the following message but GUI seems to work:
[  276.198236] [drm:vmw_kms_fb_create [vmwgfx]] *ERROR* failed to create vmw_framebuffer: -22

Best regards,

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