GSoC weekly update: Week 08


Week 8: Jailhouse Root cell now working with QEmulated AGL Image

(Detailed and Formatted Report Link for week-08: )

- Jailhouse root cell configuration is now working with the QEmulated setup.
- `apic-demo` is also working, and attached the demo log in the detailed report.
- Cell configuration for the `agl-linux-x86` is also correctly
configured, and all the files required(like kernel Image, rootfs) are
also gathered, but right now it's not working properly, looking into
it for the fixes.
- Working on the patch for the changes made and detailed Documentation
for all the setup.

If there are any suggestions and feedback regarding this, then please
let me know.

Thanks and Regards,
Anmol <anmol.karan123@...>

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