AGL testing cycle for master branch

Edi Feschiyan

Hello everyone,
you can find the first test results after removing appfw in master branch here:

The apps that are available in the launcher are:
Dashboard, HVAC, Navigation, Settings and Weston terminal

  • With regards to connectivity - bluetooth, wifi and ethernet are still working, albeit via connmanctl.
    You can get bluetooth to work from settings but you have to use "rfkill unblock bluetooth" first from cli. Switching rfkill from cli couldĀ cause a flood of various messages in the journal.
    Sliders in settings currently do not switch rfkill.Wifi and wired/ethernet menus in Settings are not yet converted to show networks/interfaces.
  • Currently there is no audio.
  • Homescreen cannot start applications - you can only switch between them if you start them first from the launcher.
    Choosing a different app does not change the currently selected icon in the top bar.
  • Language switching in Dashboard app currently does not work, Scott is investigating this.
  • HVAC and Navigation apps work.

Best wishes, happy holidays and moderate consumption,

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