GSoC 22: Community Bonding Period Summary and Updates

Aman Arora

Hello Everyone,

Listed below are a few updates from me (Aman) regarding the community bonding period of GSoC.

1. Getting more and more familiar with AGL
2. Meeting community members, and getting updates on ongoing issues and development work during the weekly developer meetings.
3. We have a recurring weekly meeting for GSoC students to discuss updates and roadblocks.

Regarding the more technical stuff, I tried AGL builds on a Debian machine (server) but had faced multiple errors initially due to the build host being "too new". Mentioned in detail onĀ

I have also begun the development process, starting with the creation of the layer that I am supposed to work on in the coming weeks. Recipes have to be created to fetch the required dependencies and get Vosk running on AGL. I am currently exploring these things in a bit more detail and hope to come up with more updates this week.

Please refer to thisĀ blog for slightly more detailed info.

Best Regards
Aman Arora

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