GSoC 22: Week 5 summary and updates

Aman Arora

Greetings everyone.

Summary for week 5 (Project: Offline Voice Agent for AGL):
  • Vosk library build complete. Recipes created for:
    • vosk-api/python
    • OpenBLAS
    • Openfst
    • Kaldi ASR
    • Vosk library
    • vosk-server
  • Added feature template for the meta-offline-voice-agent layer
  • Finished building AGL image with vosk-related packages installed.
  • More details on the updates and recipes are in my¬†blog.
Plan for this week:
  • Testing the installed packages in the image, and looking for errors or any other required runtime dependencies
  • Creating recipes/classes for the models required
  • Test offline voice recognition on a machine with AGL image installed
Warm regards
Aman Arora

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