#help AGL binder version 3 issue on raspberry pi 3 - api and .so issues #help


AGL  binder version 3  issue on raspberry pi 3

Hello ,

i wrote a simple binder from "https://docs.automotivelinux.org/docs/en/guppy/apis_services/reference/af-binder/afb-binding-writing.html"
compiled successfully ,created bindin.so file and packed it in root/lib  on the host side.

The app installed successfully  and running on raspberry pi 3 But when i searched  for the api  "tuto-1" in the raspberry pi3 it is not found. Hence 
ssh root@${YOUR_BOARD_IP} afb-daemon --ws-client=unix:/run/user/0/apis/ws/tuto-1 --port=${PORT} --token='x' -v

raspberrypi3:/run/user/1001/apis/ws#   -- searched for "tuto-1" api but not found
raspberrypi3:/run/user/0/apis/ws#     --   searched for "tuto-1" api but not found
raspberrypi3:/usr/lib# ls               -- searched for .so file  but not found
raspberrypi3:/lib/ls                   ---  searched for .so file  but not foun

I could able to make the app install and running but api and .so are not installed on raspberry pi3 .

Can anybody please help.


also i searched for the  binding.so