Bluetooth phone call has noise on Renesas+KF with icefish 9.0.0 #help #automotive #bluetooth #phone


Hello to everyone,

I'm facing an issue using the phone app provided by the agl-demo-platform.
I'm able to dial call and accept call from one paired bluetooth smartphone device (using both the phone application or using ofono directly).

I have solved a first issue relative to the wrong SCO audio routing described here relative to the TI WL1837 adpater that caused a no audio transmission between the devices. Now i'm able to hear the voice calls but a big static noise is always present (also present when the mic is not plugged in). Also sometimes the output audio from the plugged speakers seems to be silent even if the call is still working. This happens only for the HFP, that is the only one used by ofono. Using the A2DP for streaming music via bluetooth seems working fine.

I have found a similar issue on guppy here.

Do you have some suggestion on how to reduce the noise or fix the SCO bluetooth rountings in other ways? 

Thank you for your support
Have a nice day