Collabora weekly progress w/e 18th October 2020

Nick Milner

Hi All,

Please find below a brief summary of the progress Collabora have made last week on Weston/Wayland.

Weston / Wayland


- SPEC-3601 (Waltham integration with the new compositor), SPEC-3611 (Add/load/support waltham-transmitter into agl-compositor) and SPEC-3637 (Dummy tracking of the output in the waltam-transmitter) -- removed from waltham-transmitter-plugin the remote output creation and instead resorted to load-up the remoting plug-in. Added some dummy tracking code in waltham-transmitter-plugin and extended the plug-in API to be able to signal the plug-in and ultimately the receiver side, as to start the gstreamer pipeline and create a XDG-shell top level surface from which waylandsink can create its subsurface to receive the incoming streamed buffers. A MR in WIP state, is now open for the compositor:

- On the same matter, SPEC-3605 (Convert waltham-receiver to new compositor) refactored the receiver a bit more, and pushed sandbox branches for both the transmitter-plugin and the receiver, as they now live in 2 different repositories. The transmitter-plugin is a src/ system-type application while the receiver will just be a simple widget.

- Started working on meta-agl/meta-agl-demo integration -- recipes for receiver/transmitter-plugin/libWeston patches for seat handling/Waltham minor fixes/and a few more. Raised some notes about Waltham governance and how to proceed for maintenance at SPEC-3647.

Kind regards,