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I would like to announce my program called O2OO.

O2OO probes the sensors of a vehicle via the OBDII interface. For that,
it can talk to OBDII <=> laptop adapters based on the ELM327 chipset.

O2OO first checks what sensors are available (from the common mode 0x01
range) and then starts to read their data until the program is stopped.
If you like, you can also connect a GPS (as long as it "speaks" NMEA)
and let its location data be stored with the sensor data.

The recorded data is stored in an SQLite database.

After the recording, you can dump the contents of the database tables in
ascii on the console, or dump to graphs or let the program generate a
PDF. Currently the contents of the PDF is graphs and histograms of all
recorded data together with some meta-data. The idea is that the program
will also evaulate the recorded data and then to give intelligent
feed-back on it. E.g. "you need to tweak this or that" or so.

The program can also produce a Google Maps "KML"-file if, apart from the
sensor-data also GPS data was recorded. This file can be fed to Google
Maps which then displays the route that was driven, with the color of
the line depending on the readings of a sensor. In this example I visualized the "engine load" sensor. You can
see that after cornering, the engine of my car had it hard time as it
had to re-accellerate.

An example of the current (v0.4 alpha version, which will be released
somewhere this week) PDF output:

The website of O2OO is:

If anyone has any suggestions, documentation, technical insights
regarding vehicles and interpreting their sensor date, anything: please
send me an e-mail (preferably to as I loose a
lot of mail due to a bad spamfilter).

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