Migration to groups.io postponed to Monday, October 21.

Walt Miner

The migration of the AGL mail lists has been postponed to Monday, October 21 at 1 pm PDT/ 20:00 UTC.  

As a reminder 

The complete list of subgroups and their respective URL and email address is below.  











Email addresses

agl-main@.... (main list that will be used for announcements only)

agl-advisory-board@...   (was automotive-ab)

agl-dev-community@...  (was automotive-discussions)

agl-news@...   (new list for news and announcements)

agl-members@...  (was automotive-members)

agl-test-reports@...   (was automotive-testreports)



Anyone currently subscribed to one of these mail lists will automatically be migrated to the Groups.io agl-main group and the appropriate subgroup/ mail list. The migration will include details on subscriber preferences and owner or moderator privileges. 


During the migration window you will still be able to access the archives, however the delivery of messages sent to the mailing lists during this window will be delayed until after the migration of the archives and list members are complete. We will turn off new list signups during the migration window, then this functionality will be restored once it is complete.


If you’d like to learn more about using Groups.io , please reference their help documentation.

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