Announcement: New AGL Meeting Schedule for EGs and SAT

Walt Miner

Greetings all, 

A few important announcements about the AGL schedule of meetings for Expert Groups and the System Architecture Team. 

1) We have evolved the current schedule of meetings over the past eight years or so.  Going forward we are consolidating all bi-weekly meetings to occur in even numbers weeks with odd numbers weeks only containing the two calls that are held weekly.  Most importantly this means that the Tuesday developer call will become the Thursday weekly developer call.  We really feel that this new schedule will enable more people to participate in meetings on a regular basis. Nearly every meeting on the regular schedule will get a new time slot [1]. I will send out the new meeting notices this afternoon to the developer mail list. 

2) Please be aware that all EG and SAT calls are canceled the next two weeks due to the All-Member Meeting in Berlin and Embedded World in Nuremberg. If you are attending one or both of these events I look forward to seeing you there. AGL will be in booth 4-171 during Embedded World so be sure to stop by and say hello and see some awesome demos.

3) The new meeting schedule will start March 20 (week 12).  Keep in mind that the US and Canada begin summer time on March 12 so folks in Europe and elsewhere be one hour of out of sync for a couple of weeks. I will send a reminder before the new meeting schedule starts. 


Walt Miner
AGL Community Manager
The Linux Foundation

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